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Having checked your provisional licence is in order, the first lesson will be an honest assessment of your driving capabilities. You will be given an estimate as to how many hours you will require for you to reach test standard.


General Information


Your progress report will contain the 45 Driving skills required to pass your driving test, and on each lesson your achievements will be recorded.


You are required by the DSA to sit a theory test, this is a legal requirement before you are allowed to book your practical test. If you require assistance with this, I will be happy to help you.


I recommend, to make good progress a minimum of 2hrs tuition per week is required. This will reduce the overall number of lessons required to achieve test standard.


Once your test has been booked, I am able to provide a mock test conducted by a fully qualified independent instructor. This will prepare you to understand what the DSA requires from you to pass your practical driving test.


"That's all there is to it!"




Beyond the test . . .




Pass Plus:-


Pass Plus is a course designed for newly qualified drivers. It can reduce your insurance costs by up to 40%. The 6 Modules are:-


> Town Driving


> Out of Town Driving


> Night Driving


> All Weather Driving


> Dual Carriageways




... and more importantly Motorway Driving which you will not have been able to cover as a learner driver.




Motorway Lesson:-


You will include the following elements:- Joining and Leaving the motorway, lane discipline, making good progress, accident and breakdown procedures.



Taxi Assessment:-


Instruction available to assist you in your preparation for your taxi test.



Refresher Lessons:-


These are designed for any qualified driver who needs to rebuild their confidence, or recap on any area of driving they feel they need assistance with.



"Eco-Safe" Driving Assessment:-


Designed to save you money and be kinder to the environment.










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